Aluminum fillet joint penetration

Both electron beam and laser beam welding are excellent processes well-suited to welding aluminum. Consequently, on occasion its desirable to perform post weld heat treatment to return the mechanical strength to the manufactured component. Aluminum is three times lighter than steel and yet aluminum can provide higher strength when alloyed with specific elements. Arc length is usually one electrode diameter from the work. The bottom line keep the plates clean and at the ambient shop temperature. Heat-treatable alloys require much longer periods at annealing temperatures combined with slow cooling to completely anneal them so that weld strength is less affected. Some inverters have adjustable EN as great as 30 percent to 99 percent for control and fine-tuning of the cleaning action.
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Re: need help with aluminum tig - weak penetration

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Fillet weld

Try lighting up on a corner with the small circling technique, and when you get a good puddle, dip the rod, and then back off on the torch to make a tack weld on the corner. Heat treatable alloys require a specific time at temperature to fully reduce their strength. The precipitation of a portion of the elements or compounds from a supersaturated solution in order to yield the required properties. The Heat Treatable alumumin alloys attain their optimum mechanical p roperties through thermal controlled heat treatment. With GTAW, the torch does not need to be moved forward until the weld puddle reaches the desired size. Hydrocarbon Contamination Hydrocarbon contamination can be a significant problem when welding aluminum.
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Riding the right wave in aluminum welding - The Fabricator

Hot cracking issues are encountered when welding with alloys sensitive to cracking, alloys subject to excess heat or parts that are highly constrained. To attain the desired strength, a mechanical deformation must first occur in the aluminum structure, the deformation will result in increased resistance to strain producing both higher strength and lower ductility. The aluminum oxide layer while being so thin its difficult to measure, can also be very porous. First, the impurities can change the material properties of the weld pool. You can manage your subscription s by signing into your account. What's the best alum filler for "corrosion resistance"? I've spent a few days at it, and I can make nice looking welds, and have good control over the torch, but the penetration is usually too shallow barely goes into the stem of the 'T' at all.
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The electrode should never touch the work during a HF start. Arc polarity, plasma molecular action, mechanical cleaning, solvents and chemical etching are all used to attack the oxide layer. Its fast transition through the zero amperage point also eliminates the need for continuous high frequency. Hope these ideas help you add to your 'sight picture' so you can hit this target with better penetration still using proportion to the material welds? Certain types of aluminum forming and machining can also be very problematic for welding aluminum, particularly if oil is used the process. Fortunately for welders, several technological advances have occurred, forcing many to rethink their assumptions.
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