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The multicolored Asian lady beetle is a common pest throughout Ontario, and other parts of Canada. Although lady beetles generally compete for their common food source, aphids, some beetles also eat each other. It is believed that this beetle species was first mass introduced to the north eastern United States in the s by the U. If you threaten Asian ladybugs they will release their harsh smelling odour, and if you squish or swat them, they will leave a yellowish stain. It can stain walls and fabric! The species has been proliferating rapidly in Germany; conservationists fear that the Asian lady beetle will out-compete native beetle species.

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Entomologist says Asian lady beetles have more bite than traditional ladybugs

This lady beetle came from Asia and was introduced to the U. They can cause small stains on walls and wall coverings, and some people are allergic to the dust from the bodies of dead beetles. Within a very short period of time, native beetles are out-competed and the intruders have taken over. This is why they are often found in our homes. However, all lady beetles undergo complete metamorphosis — four distinct life stages.

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Lorraine Stevenson's recent articles Yes, we can Jul. This can happen upon landing on a human or pet, if they are handled and in self defence in they feel threatened. Install door sweeps on exterior doors. Inside the home or building, patch any holes that lead into the attic. This occurs during the fall with renewed activity on warm winter days and again in the spring.
Then, provide slices of banana for the beetles to feed on. The best way to prevent beetles from becoming uninvited houseguests is to seal cracks around windows, doors, siding, utility pipes or other openings with a quality caulk. But some may become active on warm days in late winter or early spring and move into living areas. It contaminates and causes damage to wine grapes. Darker forms are most commonly mistaken for other dark species.

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